Accordion Hurricane Shutters

Top Features Accordion Hurricane Shutters

Quality Tested

Our accordion hurricane shutters wholesalers have complete trust in us. They know all of our locally made products go through rigorous research, development, and testing. The result of this process is to provide high-quality products for exceptional protection during any tropical storm and hurricane. Our products also surpass stringent facilities code requirements. They are guaranteed to withstand even the strongest hurricane-force winds and flying debris. 

Customer Approved

When it comes to giving your customers top quality hurricane shutters to protect their families, businesses, and homes, you should demand the highest quality and most reliable protection possible. You’re in good hands with Impact Shutters of Central Florida. We make the best accordion hurricane shutters available at wholesale prices. We offer a full line of accordion hurricane shutters to provide years of reliable protection and security against the roughest storms.  

As your trusted manufacturer of hurricane shutter suppliers in Florida, our most popular products are the accordion hurricane shutters. They provide a balance between unsurpassed protection, affordability, ease-of-use, and are designed to cover most opening types. 

Because hurricanes and severe storms are a regular occurrence in Florida, we understand that professional installers and wholesalers need accordion hurricane shutters at wholesale prices that they can provide to their own customers.

Impact Shutters of CF is here to help and provides quality accordion hurricane shutters for both residential and commercial use.

Unlike other manufacturers who sell accordion storm shutters in Florida, ours have been designed to offset corrosion. All of our shutters are easy to lubricate and easy to operate. We’ve also incorporated a simple and fast one-step locking system into our hurricane impact shutters. Our system avoids additional locking rods or devices, so they are easy to install and use.